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Galaxies at low radio frequencies – LOFAR observations

LOFAR (LOw Frequency ARray) is a new network of radio telescopes operating in the low frequency range (30-240MHz). Last year, 3 stations of this network were launched in Poland.

LOFAR is a unique instrument for both sensitivity and resolving power, which allows the study of the evolution of massive black holes, galaxies and galaxy clusters. In particular, it allows us to observe extensive radio lobes around active objects and the surrounding intergalactic space. Radio emission of such structures at high frequencies is very weak due to the steep synchrotron spectra, and thus difficult to access for research. Extremely low frequency (to the limit of ionospheric cut) LOFAR observations will enable for the first time a thorough analysis of these objects and detection of very poorly understood, distant protogalaxies and clusters of galaxies of the early Universe.


poster C. Roskowiński, M. Dziełak, M. Kunert-Bajraszewska: „Radio galaxies with LOFAR: Relic emission from opposites scales”


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